A member of the IN2 Group, the subsidiary  Pardus, develops robust, adaptable and scalable solutions that come with a rich set of functionalities that enable rapid implementation, ensure the fulfilment of current and future business goals and meet regulatory requirements. Thanks to the architecture and applied technologies, Pardus solutions can be installed either on the client’s equipment or can be made available from the cloud environment. The implementation of information systems in the “cloud” reduces the initial implementation costs, significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the infrastructure, and at the same time provides a secure and reliable system that grows with the needs. 


The application of this LIMS system establishes full control over the procedures of control of safety and quality of products, raw materials, procurement procedures, production processes and environmental indicators. eQMS :: LIMS enables the establishment and implementation of demonstrable traceability, thus ensuring compliance with legal regulations and adopted standards, and thus significantly facilitates the implementation and day-to-day implementation of regulatory requirements. This modern LIMS system extends its functionality beyond the laboratory, especially in the field of quality management, enabling systematic monitoring and supervision of all resources and audit of all business units. More about eQMS::LIMS


Software solution for maintenance and search of human DNA profile database. eQMS :: DNA supports a configurable number of loci, allows working with multiple samples per person and multiple profiles per sample, and the DNA database can be searched by a profile obtained from samples containing multiple donor material (so-called “mixed stain”). eQMS :: DNA supports work with profiles based on CODIS Core STR Loci markers and complies with FDA recommendations 21 CFR Part 11. This system finds its application not only in human DNA forensics, but also in the food industry as a reliable tool for determining the authenticity of prominent declarations and ensuring verifiable traceability. Pardus’ DNA database is constantly being improved and aligned with ENFSI DNA Workgroup recommendations. 


It is an information system for private label quality management. eQMS :: PL covers all processes from market research, through the development of a new product to its introduction on store shelves as a trademark of the trader. The system supports the creation of annual regular control plans as well as monitoring the execution of the plan, and also supports the procedures of extraordinary controls and product improvements. eQMS :: PL provides current and historical insight into the quality and positioning of its own brands in relation to the products of other retailers and brand products.   


An innovative solution to support sales network monitoring. The main purposes of the eQMS :: Hygia system are the planning of hygienic controls of sales and storage facilities and the collection and analysis of control results obtained by laboratories that perform them. The application enables the entry and review of several types of data required for business planning processes, records and analysis of data on hygiene controls. 


The leading software solution intended for veterinary dispensaries in Croatia is the SaaS (software as a service) solution, which enables quick and simple, and user-friendly activation and use of the service. The software is currently used by over 80 veterinary organizations in the Republic of Croatia.

Anivet2 includes a number of features required for integrated veterinary clinic management such as fully integrated animal file management, patient history, outpatient diary, warehouse, all mandatory orders and records, data analytics, employee records and digital booklet, POS module with issuance of fiscalized accounts, time and calendar management, automatic sending of animal vaccination data to Lysascan, mobile fieldwork system, integrated e-prescription system at the veterinary pharmacy, digital document collection and more.

Additional functionalities include a veterinary pharmacy, a large practice module for record keeping and command measures for farm animals with a gynecological record of cattle with a module for monitoring artificial insemination and a specialist examination module that includes neurological, dental, ophthalmological, dermatological, blood and urine examination.

More about Anivet2 

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