IN2bpm – IN2 Business Process Management is a simple and modern platform for business digitalization. Significantly shortens the time of processing and verification of documents and maximally facilitates the management of work tasks and business processes.

  •  Not sure if the invoice has reached the organization?
  • Your partner sent you a contract to sign, but you don’t know ‘where it got stuck’?
  • Signature folders and a bunch of documents are waiting for your signing?
  • You need to sign the minutes urgently, but you do not have all the necessary information and certificates of successful work?
  • Are you going on annual leave and not sure who will certify and sign the documents for you?


Digitalize your business today!

  •  view and approve documents instantly, via mobile phone, computer, on the go, at work …
  • free up the physical documentation workspace
  • verify and approve documents electronically
  • define the verification and approval process with IN2 consultants and the system will work for you



  • web application available via mobile and desktop devices
  • modern platform for different types of business processes (incoming invoices, contracts, outgoing invoices, approval of requests and decisions, project documentation, etc.)
  • contains a large number of built-in functionalities (notifications, task management, sequential or parallel approval …)
  • intended for all organizations regardless of the type of business, number of employees and size of the organization


Why choose IN2bpm

  • a system proven in practice for more than 60 different processes
  • one modern platform for different types of processes
  • information available immediately: where the document is, in what status …
  • approval time is measured in minutes, not hours
  • the process of circulating and approving documentation is tailored to your needs
  • process implementation is measured in days, not months
  • openness to integration with other systems


Comprehensive information system for digitization of office operations.

It is the core of office operations of digital processes: scanning, office filing, digitization (OCR) of documents, barcoding, internal collaboration of objects, creation of output documents by templates, dynamic expansion of data models, workflow monitoring, archives and integration with the environment (IN2bpm, DMS , ERP, invoices, contracts, electronic signature, etc.). 

With the digital transformation, office operations are no longer performed only in the office through registration but are digitized and initiated as electronic objects and distributed to employees through digital channels. It enables employees to quickly solve work responsibilities, automatically file, report on activities performed and insight into all jobs in which they participated in a transparent, fully digital way anytime and anywhere.


Browsing and quick search, insight into the entire digital file, tracking deadlines, timely information and statistical reporting. Interoperability.


Internal organization, scope of work, types of documents, collaboration flows, registers, adaptation of additional data, templates, authorization and access configuration.


Defining the directions of file movement, presignation, approval, digital signing, archiving.


Receipt of documents, scanning, classification of documents, establishment of a digital case, entry in the register of parties.


Scheduling, notifications, receiving, resolving, drafting documents. 

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Selected clients

More than 30 years with you​

Digitization projects of Croatian healthcare, justice, maritime transport, commercial economic IT projects, as well as projects in the fields of insurance and finance, which facilitate the daily life and work of our citizens and business entities, are the greatest achievement of IN2 group.