The Information System in Sports of the former Central State Office for Sports, and today the Sports Directorate of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, IN2 began to build in the summer of 2017 by building a system for basic sports registers / records:

  • Register of sports activities
  • Register of professional sports clubs
  • Athlete records
  • Records of professional staff
  • Records of legal entities in sports
  • Records of sports facilities
  • Records of sports competitions and results
  • Records of sports awards and incentives in sports
  • Records of financial monitoring of sports programs
  • Records of education, training and advanced training programs for professional staff in sports.

By analysing the needs and activities of the former Central State Office for Sports, and today the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, through constant development and improvement, the system has been upgraded with new modules and extensions of existing ones. In addition to basic sports registers / records, ISS today also contains modules:

  • System of recognition of foreign qualifications,
  • System of announcing and conducting tenders and public calls and
  • Sports Inspection System.

The system communicates and retrieves data from the OIB node, the Register of Associations and the Court Registry, uses NIAS authentication for services published on the eCitizens system and has an API in the form of Web services to process participants who are required to submit data to ISS and have their own IT systems, could achieve B2B communication.

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