IN2 Group has been present in the public sector of Croatia since the very beginning of informatization in 1995. We have participated in many successful quality projects done on time, which is the result of our good knowledge of legislation and business processes of public administration. IN2 Group has developed a series of solutions tailored for their particular users, implemented a number of their own solutions, and implemented standard solutions by partnering companies – global software manufacturers. IN2 Group’s most important work in the public sector includes:

  • Establishment and maintenance of the core national digital registers
  • Informatization of the judicial system
  • Development of geographic information systems
  • Development of integrated information systems for public administration
  • Implementation of solutions for office administration and document management
  • Informatization of local governments
  • Integration of business processes of different public administration bodies and real-time data exchange
  • Development of public web portals, digital libraries, and systems for the support of inspecting and decision making
  • Application of biometry in establishing the identity
  • Implementation of many systems for data storage and business reporting

Selected clients

More than 30 years with you​

Digitization projects of Croatian healthcare, justice, maritime transport, commercial economic IT projects, as well as projects in the fields of insurance and finance, which facilitate the daily life and work of our citizens and business entities, are the greatest achievement of IN2 group.