Libusoft Cicom, a member of the IN2 group, is an IT and consulting company that develops and implements solutions for computerization of business processes.

Thirty years of successful business are behind LC, and thanks to our knowledge and expertise, our software solutions – unified under the common name Business Information System and protected by the SPI® trademark – are nowadays used by more than 1,300 users. We are also proud to be a leader in the digitization of public administration in Croatia and that at least one LC solution is in the IT system of every Croatian smart city, county, and municipality.

In addition to our own software solutions, we provide clients with the design, implementation and connection of equipment required for successful functioning of IT systems, as well as system and technical support services. We also provide a wide range of consulting services related to real estate management methodology, financial management, organization of processes in local self-government, efficient collection of claims, public procurement implementation, and we organize advisory workshops for the interpretation of new regulations as well.


Information system to support the basic business processes of the county

A complex modular and integrated information system to support the basic business processes of the county. In functional terms, the system enables various record-keeping processes, document management (requirements, contracts, consents) and cases, mediation process management, is integrated with other systems and institutions (FINA, AX) and many others, while in the data context, the system allows applications and processing of competitions for scholarships, grants in the economy, health and culture, enables the processing of all documents and accounts of the county and easy circulation of these documents between county employees. From the moment the document enters the county, either digitally or physically, until the moment the issuing document or invoice is issued, all work is done completely digitally, which makes it a paperless office. Such a system has been successfully implemented in the County of Istria.

Centralized procurement – INabava2

The main goal of the implementation of the procurement support system is centralized procurement for all institutions / users / branches, which would achieve more favourable financial conditions for suppliers, but also make the procurement process more transparent.

The solution covers the following functionalities:

  • Entering plans of branches / companies
  • Requests – entry of requests, approval, acceptance, return for processing – by branches / companies
  • Linking requests to Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) plans / items
  • Formation of the subject of procurement in the Central Procurement
    • Initiation by procurement
    • Initiation by users – branches / companies
  • Preparation of materials for the Management Board session
  • Approval of the subject of procurement
  • Announcement of the tender
  • Opening of bids, analysis of bids, selection of bidders
  • Contracting – records of contract items (cost estimates)
  • Monitoring the procurement process – company sessions, preparatory sessions, bid opening sessions and bidder selection
  • Purchase orders
  • Tracking of incoming invoices
  • Monitoring the implementation of procurement (comparison of planned, required, contracted, ordered, and invoiced values).
  • Documentation archive – monitoring of all accompanying documents in the database. 

Selected clients

More than 30 years with you​

Digitization projects of Croatian healthcare, justice, maritime transport, commercial economic IT projects, as well as projects in the fields of insurance and finance, which facilitate the daily life and work of our citizens and business entities, are the greatest achievement of IN2 group.