Development of complex GIS systems and construction of software solutions according to user requirements.

A member of the IN2 Group, IGEA, is specialized in the development and implementation of geographic information systems. With the application of GIS as the dominant field of work, a special value of IGEA is knowledge of the work of state administration and local government and certain problem domains such as land registry and cadastre, judiciary, property and spatial planning.


Web based GIS solution for creating and editing spatial data and cartographic representations, as well as analysis, presentation and data exchange.

It is the basis for the development of numerous GIS portals that provide surveyors, government bodies and the general public with easy access to a large amount of spatial and related data in a form that is clear, structured and easy for everyone to turn into useful information!

Service-based interoperability and a solution compliant with the INSPIRE directive and technology that fully supports OGC standards.

Enterprise GIS transaction systems 

provide the necessary support to your business and facilitate the digitization of business processes.

Land administration  

Land administration and the public sector are areas where IGEA has been present since the very beginning of their informatization with a number of successfully implemented large projects as a result of excellent knowledge of legislative frameworks and business processes in the field of cadastre and land registry.

Case management 

Software solutions in the field of case management are based on its own CMP platform and adapted to the requirements of the project and users, respecting the legal framework, specifics, dimensions, required connections to other systems and solutions that may include multiple integrated products from other manufacturers.

Asset management 

The information system for property records is a complete solution for asset management – from the record of basic information about individual properties, defining the use of real estate, to the display of real estate on various spatial bases in the GIS browser.

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Digitization projects of Croatian healthcare, justice, maritime transport, commercial economic IT projects, as well as projects in the fields of insurance and finance, which facilitate the daily life and work of our citizens and business entities, are the greatest achievement of IN2 group.