The eHealth platform was developed to cover the need for integration of the existing health information systems into one whole (national level, regional, or big cities) on the concept of information hub (eHealth Information Hub). It consists of three basic transaction systems:

  • eReferral – the electronic medical document of referring a patient to a specialist health care institution ensures the accuracy of referral and the transfer of relevant medical data from the referring doctor to the referred doctor
  • eBooking – the electronic process of making appointments in health institutions for the services recorded in the electronic referrals makes it possible to easily find the best term in the desired institution as well as the confirmation or the change of the term by the referring doctor or the patients themselves
  • ePrescription – electronic prescription ensures simple and accurate prescription of drugs by the referring doctor and their pick up by the patient under the necessary control and with instructions by the pharmacist when issuing the drugs.



IN2 Group was awarded the European IT & Software Excellence Award for the eReferral system in March of 2013, in the category of public sector solutions. It was stressed that the awarded system was an example of the influence of technology on improving the quality of life in wider community. It was the first time that a Croatian company won in one of categories, among more than 3000 entries from 106 countries.

IN2 Group was awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in the Public Sector – Health Care category. The main criterion for the Microsoft global award, beside technology excellence, is the contribution – as a technologically advanced solution – to the modernization of health systems and the shift in the way medical services are delivered.

More info in the brochure eSystems.

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