30. 11. 2020.

Futur Z: eHealth in the new normal

The Virtual Congress Health and Health Care 2015 - 2020 Futur Z was held on November 27 and 28, organized by the Croatian Society for Business Ethics and Health Economics of the Croatian Medical Association. On behalf of the IN2 Group, Siniša Košćina, Director for Business Development in the IN2 Healthcare Sector, participated in the panel E-health in the new normal - experiences.

Traditionally and now expectedly, topics from the field of healthcare informatization found their place at the Futur Z congress. This year, in addition to the Ministry of Health, Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) and healthcare associations, the panel was attended by technology companies involved in building the healthcare information component. 

Siniša Košćina, Director of Business Development in IN2 Group’s Healthcare Sector, pointed out this year's acceleration of informatization projects driven by the need to overcome the challenges of covid-19 as the main topic of the E-health panel in the new normal, but also the fact that such progress was enabled by the past 15 years informatization. In just a few months, paper was completely abolished, and the e-Referral was introduced, the allocation of appointments for healthcare services was completely transferred to institutions, and the use of e-Test results has doubled. He especially emphasized the necessity of maintaining such an accelerated pace of digitalization of healthcare and that the main task must be to open data to patients. 

"IN2 has developed a series of adaptations of BIS solutions for Croatian hospitals, such as integrated detection of patients in self-isolation, contactless reception and info solutions for patient referral, which are connected to the e-Referral. In addition to making work easier in the current circumstances, these solutions also actively support changes in hospitals related to the new e-Order, where the healthcare institution leads the process instead of the patient. We must also point out the intensive activities of hospital services that have supported changes in business processes initiated by informatization at the national level and thus brought new value to patients", said Siniša Košćina in the panel. 

IN2 Group employs around seventy experts in the Healthcare Sector who continuously work on the improvement and adaptation of the Hospital Information System (BIS) to the specific conditions of individual healthcare institutions. In the past two decades, it has been implemented in more than 45 hospitals in Croatia alone. Since the beginning of the pandemic, IN2 Group has been engaged in providing additional support to the healthcare system in managing the consequences of this public health crisis. Thus, back in March, it upgraded its hospital information system (BIS) with a functionality that allows healthcare staff to check at the patient's reception whether a patient has been imposed a measure of self-isolation due to a suspicion of coronavirus infection.

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